Molding / CAsting / Fabrication

Casting prep fro Dragon Con 2018

Need something duplicated? Not a problem here at JWP. We can take your original print or traditional sculpture whether it be made from wax or clay and make some high grade silicone molds. Depending on what you will be casting in will depend on what type of silicone we will use. We cast in a variation of resins, ranging from rigid, flexible, clear, tinted, foam, etc... Also we can mix resins with multiple additives to give your castings a ultraviolet, glow in the dark, and metal appearance.

We here at JWP take pride in our castings service and will make sure that every single casting delivered is fully cleaned and air holes are filled and sanded giving u that perfect part either to use as a tooling copy for china or a paint master to use for photography.

No job is to big and no job is too small. Please  inquire for a consultation if you have any questions.